Jun. 4th, 2016 06:00 pm
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Last weekend, heading east, I found myself driving along one of my favourite roads. The A697 goes across country from outside Edinburgh down to Morpeth. For a long while, I regular drove south along this road, cutting the corner the A1 follows. Most of the traffic taking the east coast route from Edinburgh follows the A1, so the A697 is quieter, and so faster, and much more fun to drive. Heading for the Northumbrian coast, it was fun to become reacquainted with the road.

Then on Thursday, I took another favourite road on the West coast route, the A701 from Edinburgh down to Moffat to pick up the M74 (readers in the south may think of it as the M6, though they'd be mistaken). Again most traffic follows the A702, a road with several right angle bends, so the A701 is both faster and quieter, a joy to drive.

These are two of my favourite roads, but not my most favourite road. It somewhat disturbs me that I have a favourite road, but I do. It's the A896, through Torridon; the peaks of Liatach and Ben Eighe tower over the winding aspfalt. An A-road, but in the remote far north that doesn't mean much: it is a single track road, with passing places. But traveling along the glen floor, it is flat, so you can see the oncoming traffic (or, nor commonly, the lack of it). Which means you can speed along the A896 fast, aware of any vehicles approaching in the other direction. It is such a fun road to drive!

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