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Whilst I’m at it, talking about Edinburgh, I thought I’d mention some of the place I hung out in. These are probably some of my favourite places in Edinburgh!

I spent several evenings at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, both at the Vaults and at 28 Queen Street. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I doubt this will surprise you. It is just a great place to hang out – good but informal food, great drink. The Vaults in particular is a very relaxing place – I spent several evening there, including a great whisky tasting which I meant to post about – a valedictory tasting led by Laura, who was leaving her job at the society after several years. I saw that just by chance – I had popped in for a night cap the day before, and noticed it was on. It was great – most of the people at the tasting were SMWS staff – it felt just like a leaving do, with great whisky and some wonderful stories.

I ate two or three times at V&C’s VinCaffe. Good food, great wine. I had breakfast there one day, too. I wasn’t working. I had a hangover. It was great.

I also went to the Guildford Arms a couple of times – once just to drink, once to eat and drink. When I lived in Edinburgh, I used to go to the Café Royal, just next door to the Guildford, but it was packed out when I popped my head around the door, so I went into the Guildford instead. I can’t remember going there before. They had a great whisky list, friendly service and a beautiful ceiling. The restaurant was good, too.

The friend I stayed with for a couple of weeks recommended Café Fish - just across the road from the Vaults. I went there twice, and had their very superior fish and chips both times. I liked this place. The fish was very good.

I had a great meal at Zanzero. Again, great food, great wine, and a great welcome. I’d have gone back, but I only stayed in the western end of the New Town once, so it didn’t make sense – I’d have had to walk past other places to get there. I didn’t make it to Zanzero’s big sibling Centotre for dinner, although I did have breakfast there when I stayed over and hung out with the Edinburgh Coffee Morning crowd. Great coffee and great conversation!

I spent one evening watching football in the Cambridge Bar - good burgers, good beer, lousy football – and another with a crowd of old friends at Café Andaluz - lots of tapas, lots of wine, lots of friends.

There were of course places I liked that I didn’t get to visit – the one place I feel I missed was the Shore Bar, probably my favourite pub. It’s where I had planned to go before I found out there was a whisky tasting to go to instead…


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